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Inman Aligner

The revolutionary Inman Aligner is a simple orthodontic appliance that is used to straighten crooked or misaligned front teeth. Its main advantage is that it achieves rapid tooth straightening in a fraction of the time of traditional metal braces or clear braces systems, as well as being a cheaper alternative.

It allows you to achieve breathtaking results in a mere few weeks using a single appliance. It can also be removed and inserted as easily as a retainer so you are free to eat, clean your teeth or attend social events without difficulty or discomfort. For more information go to

CASE 1 - Inman Aligner (9 weeks)

Before   After

CASE 2 - Inman Aligner (14 weeks)

Before   After

CASE 3 - Inman Aligner (14 weeks)

Before   After

CASE 4 - Inman Aligner (15 weeks)

Before   After
Before   After

"Actual results may vary"

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