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Pain Relief

Effective pain relief comes from identifying the source, often hidden without xrays and an examination.

Using advanced technology, we can identify the cause of your pain and offer several options for full relief.

As dental pain can be caused by a variety of sources, including sinus infection, jaw muscle tension, cracked enamel, or decay, we use several comprehensive methods to find the source of the pain.

Often the problem can be resolved with a brief 30 minute visit, so please don't put off your examination.

Call us today for a convenient appointment.

We do apologise, this page is under further review.

Thorndon Dental • 246 Tinakori Rd Thorndon Wellington • 04 472 8353
Dentists and staff include: Parm Gill Andrew McKenna Sophie McKenna Colleen Loo Hannah Kelly Michelle Rochelle hygienists Vanessa and Michelle and administration Anne