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Some very happy smiles

Read our patient testimonials and learn more about the kind and caring service you’ll receive at Thorndon Dental.

During my initial consultation with Parm, I recognised he was incredibly thorough, highly skilled, paid extreme attention to detail and had a huge amount of patience (listening to and answering every one of my one hundred questions), providing much reassurance prior to treatment.


Nice friendly welcoming people. They put me at ease straight away as I have a fear of the dentist. I had 2 fillings done and it was all over before I knew it. Well priced and great service.


If I never said it before, thanks so much for doing such a great job, I was just hoping to get it looking better but never imagined I’d ever get them like they are now, it’s amazing. I know that you won’t, but if you happen to accidentally delete the ‘before’ photos, I won’t be upset! You make going to the dentist seem easy these days. Probably because you’re pretty amazing at it and because you’re such a nice guy in general.


I looked at the Smile Tru system after having braces but not wearing my retainer properly. It took a week or so to adjust to wearing the trays but after that it was apart of my normal routine. I found that you could hardly notice I was wearing the trays at all.

I highly recommend Parm and his team. Parm was upfront and honest about how the treatment works and he made sure I was going to get the best result possible.

The results by far exceeded my expectations.


The realignment procedure I received from Parm was high quality and incredibly effective. The entire process was much easier and faster than I could have anticipated, and the end result was even better than I had hoped – I no longer have any pain in my teeth, and it looks great. Parm provided brilliant service, and I’d recommend him to anyone.


Whilst receiving my treatment, I visited Thorndon Dental each fortnight to have new aligners fitted. Every single time, Anne, Hayley and of course Parm were always friendly and welcoming, making every visit comfortable, informative and pleasant. The communication and service they provided the entire time was always outstanding.


I would like to take the time to say a huge thank you to Parm and his team at Thorndon Dental for their understanding, care, skill and professionalism during my SmileTru treatment. I am very grateful for having been recommended to them.


I am so very pleased with the results of my treatment and to date have had no issues whatsoever The best thing has been the additional confidence I’ve now got when smiling. Thanks again for the treatment I received from you – I very much appreciated this. I will also definitely recommend you to people I know if the opportunity arises.


I really appreciate all of the hard work from Parm and his team and would highly recommend their services to anyone.


I met Parm Gill whilst working at a bar in 2010. I was reluctant to smile in all my years leading up to that very moment. I wasn’t happy with the way my teeth were looking. Many years of smoking and eating junk food caused some major damage to my teeth and gums.

I managed to strike up a conversation with Parm and we got a along quite well but and as soon as he told me he was a dentist I was extremely happy. Not everyday you meet a cool dentist out and about. I showed him my teeth and asked for his help and have never looked back since.

Parm has helped me regain my confidence in so many ways. I sincerely appreciate the amazing work he has done for me and I have been a loyal client for the past nine years. I see Parm and his team at least 3-4 times a year for check ups and maintenance. He has such a great team and I always feel comfortable and safe at his practice. Thank you Parm, you are amazing at your job and you have put yourself in a position to change the lives of many people including myself.